First Camp of the Season: Chama River

As I mentioned when I launched my new theme, I’d like to get better about using this as a real blog about me and not just talking about my business anymore. I’d also like to get better about posting regularly. So while there’s a lot of technical and business stuff I need to expand on (and am working on), here’s one of those posts that is a little more personal and fun…

Chama River

The weather is warming up around here and that means more campouts! My husband and I met through Scouting, and the outdoors have always been a focus of our relationship. While we haven’t backpacked in a very long time, we still spend most of our Summer weekends either in a tent or in a Volkswagen.

And we don’t even limit it to Summer…the last two years we’ve met up with other VW enthusiasts and camped in the snow/cold in February & March. This year we were able to take our first campout at the end of March. Our destination was the Chama River, Forest Road 151.

There’s a monastery at the end of the road that we have yet to visit. Even this trip, we skipped it as we had 3 of our 5 dogs with us and it was getting late as we looked for a camping spot. We didn’t stop at our usual camp ground because there was already somebody parked there, and we were looking for solitude…which we found on this little stretch of the river.

It was wonderful to get away for two nights. This is also what we’re calling our ‘shakedown’ trip. We’re getting ready for  a week-long jaunt into the canyon country of south/central/eastern Utah this month to celebrate our 15 year anniversary at the end of the year—it’s a year-long celebration with a couple of extended trips and music festivals planned throughout the season.

This was the first trip with our new awning for the bus…
new bus awning

…and my first attempt at biscuits in the dutch oven which was a tasty success.
dutch oven biscuits biscuits & margs

We’ve decided that the secret to a long life is recharging your batteries in the outdoors—at least that’s what our 14 year-old Golden, Denver, thinks. Every time we think he’s on his last legs, we take him for a trip and are amazed at how he bounces back.

recharging denver's batteries

And Pakak loved the proximity to the river.

Our first afternoon, we happened to spot a coyote running down the main road so we made sure all the dogs slept with us, which was a little cramped and very dirty from Pakak’s muddy paws; but when you’ve lived with as many dogs for as long as we have, mud’s nothin’ new.

chama river with cliffs

There was one night after dinner, when we all strolled the river bank. Denver even went for a little bit of a beach run! I think the ‘shakedown’ was a success, and we’re ready for our next adventure. Hope to have some photos and stories to share from our canyon trip soon…