Friendship, Art and Music

Front & center at the CD Release Party

Chris and I met Mark Dudrow at The Four Corners Folk Festival where he has been a vendor, selling his handmade tile paintings, for years. I think our first major purchase of his artwork was one of his Banjo Ascension pieces. Since then, it’s like an addiction, collecting his artwork.

In 2010 Mark approached me to help finalize the artwork he and Justin Dean had created for their album ‘High Desert Acoustic Duo.’ We launched the album with the new year at the Adobe Bar in the Taos Inn.

I suggested to Mark that it would be fun if he could create a custom piece of artwork featuring our volkswagens, and I would work on creating a new website for him. I sent him several photos of the volkswagens—which is all he’s ever seen of our ’63 square back as it’s still in restoration and needs an engine. We drove the ’58 single cab to his studio during the 2011 Rio Costilla Studio Tours to pick up the custom creations.


On a rainy September day we set off for the '58 VW Single Cab's first trip out of the county and over Cumbres Pass.

We arrived several hours later in Jaroso, Colorado.

This was our first glimpse of the amazing murals that Mark created for us, hanging in his gallery during the Rio Costilla Studio Tour.

The Taos Inn is a favorite birthday getaway for us. About 1 month after we took this photo we were actually stopped for traffic in front of the Taos Inn. Art imitating life or life imitating art?

These beautiful murals are now proudly displayed in our home.

After a night of sleeping in the choir loft, Mark's gallery is a restored church; it was time to head back home. Over the river...

...a quick photo op at the Antonito Cumres & Toltec rail yard...

...across the Divide and home to Pagosa Springs.

And let me say, Mark way outdid himself. They are awesome paintings of our volkswagens in front of the Taos Inn and Ranchos de Taos church. As we drove into Jaroso that day, people laughed and waved (more than they usually do when we drive the single cab) because they recognized the truck from the painting.

markdudrowKeeping my part of the bargain, I’m happy to finally announce the launch of Mark’s new website. You can read more about the project in my portfolio. There are plans to continue developing it to include e-commerce for him to sell his artwork and music online. Until then, you’ll have to send him an email or visit him at one of his gigs or festivals (which you should do anyway as he’s an amazing cellist, maybe we’ll see you there too).