This was the 2010 poster that was the inspiration for the web design. I distilled the elements into 60's/70's retro, beachy, the three events that make up the tri-athalon, and fun.

Here's the first idea that took the color and swirls from the 2010 poster. Ultimately it turned into a version of the final without the busy logo.

This was one of my favorite design ideas.

During the design process, it's sometimes a challenge to come up with one more unique option. This one was inspired by the children's memory game.

The Cruise-a-Thong had sent out a request for assistance with their website. It was a right-time, right-place moment for Subalpine Design to volunteer to remake their website. There’s a certain amount of weight that’s lifted off the project when you don’t have to write up estimates, track your time or chase down payments. This was just plain fun. Just like the event, which I’ve participated in a couple of times…

The only brief was that they had really liked their poster from the previous year and wanted something new and different. As I approach any project, I pushed myself to come up with three comps. Once the look and feel was decided upon, everything else fell into place. This is one site with very graphic-based menus. To compensate for any trouble that may occur in different browsers, we added all the links to the bottom of the page. Everything else is a pretty standard WordPress based site with plug-ins to handle the gallery and contact form.

Visit www.cruiseathong.com.