The flower arrangement photographed for the poster.

The inspiration for the bouquet and the poster.

A couple of years ago, I saw a classified in the local paper for a call to artists specializing in recycled artwork. The local Habitat for Humanity was organizing their 2nd annual fundraiser, a Recycled Arts show. I had just completed my first bottle cap art project, and was looking for a motivator to create more pieces. I submitted my application, completed two more projects and sold 2 of the 3 with the proceeds supporting families in my community.

The next year, I volunteered to work on the planning committee and was asked to create the poster for the event. I was also looking for a less physically demanding medium to work in than bottle caps. The idea of a spring-time, seed packet, like poster theme and creating my own flowers from my collection of recycled materials during the winter; spawned this unique poster. I used photographs of my flower arrangements, colored pencils, watercolor, and finally my computer to assemble, layer and tweak the final design.