The website set the tone for the campaign.

We designed a variety of sizes and styles of ads for several local publications.

We printed T-shirts for supporters to wear during the 4th of July Parade.

These cards were left with voters and highlighted John's experience and platform on the back. This was also the design for posters hung around town.

We also designed yard signs—the standard sized 24in x 18in and billboard sized 4ft x 8ft

John Ranson approached Subalpine Design to design his website—and ultimately his campaign—during the 2008 election for County Commissioner. The idea for the faded, blue star background came from a set of business cards John had printed. Unable to attain the clip-art I needed, I improvised and created my own pattern. The website and button design influenced the rest of the campaign from t-shirts, banners, yard signs, posters and cards to varying styles and sizes of ads in local publications. The site is no longer hosted, but included information regarding John’s experience and platform, voter and campaign contribution information, contact form and a voter survey whose secure information was available to John & his campaign manager.

The photo was supplied by one of John’s generous supporters, and all of the content was provided from John with assistance from his campaign committee. Together, We Did.