I first presented PLC with three fairly different designs.

After we discussed which elements we liked in the initial mock-ups, I re-presented three new ideas with a sub-page example.

I also was commissioned for The Fort and Ridgecreek Ranch photography.

Subalpine Design has had a long-term relationship with Pagosa Land Company. In fact, the website to showcase Lazy 8 Ranch was one of our first web design projects.

So when PLC wanted to market several multi-million dollar properties, they asked me how I could help. The site is designed so that an administrator can post a new listing without having to have too much graphic design experience. 98% of the work to post a new listing is as easy as writing and publishing a post for a blog (if you’ve got all the photos available).

On this project, I also had the chance to stretch my photography legs shooting two of the properties.

Note that on the mock-up design ideas, the property names, descriptions and photos are used only as place-holders and do not reflect the actual properties for sale.