The overall design for the site reflects the color scheme of the store.

Switchback moved into their uptown location in 2007 which had bright blue walls and a mountain-range-like squiggle wrapping around the ceiling perimeter.

Switchback, as the slogan 'Mountain Wear for Everywhere' implied, specialized in clothing & shoes for outdoor and around town activities.

The original site's admin side offered a very simple database management interface.

The design of this site was pretty straight forward. I combined the images from their existing site and a color/design-scheme that reflected the color and design of the new store location. It was the ‘back-end,’ administration pages that took some time to develop. With my limited—but expanding—knowledge of PHP, I enlisted the aid of my partner to construct the framework that enables the owners to easily update a database of photos and information for their photo gallery and discounted items. The homepage also features a subscription database which allows Switchback to shift its marketing from printed mail pieces to e-mail driven newsletters. Now, having the experience of working with WordPress, I’d like to revisit and rework this design to further expand flexibility for Switchback’s online presence.

UPDATE 2-24-2011: We just launched the WordPress version of this site. Having learned about the power of WordPress as a Content Management System, I decided to change Switchback’s site over to this platform. My partner had helped me devise a few admin pages on the old site that allowed Switchback to add photos to their gallery and update info on the Closeouts & Specials page. But they were not able to update their list of links or even basic page content. Now with the help of WordPress they can do all that and more! We also upgraded their photo gallery, changed their email subscription service over to MailChimp and added the All in One SEO Plug-in to change their keywords as the store changes and evolves. Everyone is very happy with this upgrade. It provides Switchback with more flexibility and control and makes maintenance for me easier, too.

UPDATE 12-9-2011: I’m sad to say, after serving Pagosa for over a decade, Switchback closed its doors in May of this year. Here’s looking forward to new adventures, guys!