This was the placeholder as we created Tim's website.

I edited tracks from Tim's CDs to give his web visitors a small sampling.

With WordPress as the backbone of the site, Tim can update his calendar from the road.

While I worked on a design for Tim’s site I had posted a temporary page at timsullivanmusic.com. By scrolling over and clicking on the post-it note you could contact Tim. I designed this as a quick placeholder while we worked on a more permanent design solution.

Like so many of my projects, the design solution came naturally and easily. I met Tim one evening right before a gig to pick up a copy of his CDs. I’d brought my camera along to take a few photos of his Taylor guitar. We decided to take it outside where the light was better. Tim propped it against a Ponderosa Pine, and I really liked how the clouds and oak were reflected in it. After submitting five different designs for Tim to choose from, he combined two ideas: the concept with the guitar as the background and the semi-transparent border that overlays it.

For this phase of the project, the homepage was Tim’s bio; and you could listen to sample tracks from his CDs, contact Tim via email or check on his calendar of events.