National Parks Trip 2016

I find it ironic that as I post our latest trip to youtube, I pick up the National Geographic at the dentist’s office to read “Can the Selfie Generation Unplug and Get Into the National Parks?”

I’m not a millennial. I really don’t do much social media or take many selfies.  I’ve grown up with the evolution of technology and use it daily for work, but I draw boundaries and seek balance. My escape and renewal comes from going out. Getting out and unplugging for a while. It fascinates and disheartens me that there’s a generation growing up without exposure to the outdoors.

While I appreciate our National Parks as ‘easy access’ for everyone to experience the outdoors, they remind me why I love to explore all of our other Public Land options: State Parks, National Forest, BLM, etc.—the usually less crowded options—the slightly wilder options. Our National Parks hold and protect some truly amazing landscapes, features and ecosystems. But look around you. There are some truly amazing places not too far from you. What’s there today could be gone tomorrow. Whether it’s from our impact, development, forest fires and natural disasters, or just the march of time; everything changes. Get out and go visit them before they change.