New Year and New Projects

Dean and Dudrow cover Inside Dean and Dudrow cover Dean and Dudrow disc With the launch of a few new and exciting projects have crossed my path. One was for a friend, talented artist and cellist Mark Dudrow’s new CD with guitarist and fiddler Justin Dean. This was one of my first professionally printed pieces in a LONG time. They came to me with the overall design, but I had to tweak it to fit the template and got to make some additional design and typography suggestions. See you at the CD release party January 30th at the Taos Inn!

I also had the opportunity to offer design solutions for a new company starting here in Pagosa, Little Weedz. It’s a line of cute clothing tailored to grow with the child. Whenever I have a project, I strive to present at least three very different design concepts to my client. This stretches my imagination and allows for several options to recombine and modify. Click on an image below to see some of the suggestions that were offered to Little Weedz and a sneak peek at the final concept which should launch within the next month:


This first idea was inspired by the fabrics used to create Little Weedz dresses. The flowers & bee were 'traced' from one of the patterns.

This second idea was also inspired by the fabrics used to create Little Weedz dresses and the idea of using these fabrics to create a quilt.

This third idea's inspiration was the Little Weedz logo and the thought of this website as a garden community.

The final design incorporated elements from all of the proposed ideas as well as a few new ones inspired by Little Weedz's business cards.

I also was asked to create the functioning menu I envisioned. See an example of the menu in action. I had to change up a few of my strategies for the rollover images and needed a suggestion on how to use PHP to change the bee’s position to correspond with your current page.

What great projects to kick off a New Year!