Logo Design & Stationery for Eddie B’ Cookin’

Eddie B Cookin'
Eddie B Cookin's logoed catering trailer

Ed's Original Photograph

First Draft of the Vector Image

The final logo

Eddie B Cookin's logoed catering trailer

The logo of Ed in the stockpot, which was the focus of this project back in the Spring of 2006, was a lot of fun to create. Ed’s wife photographed him sitting in a large plastic container as a starting point for the design.

I was originally attempting to create a vector image, but as I traced over the photograph on my computer, I realized the textures I could add by applying filters to the original photo and layering it underneath.

The stock pot is from a photograph of a stockpot sitting on my stove, and the vegetables were ‘chopped out’ and placed in a new arrangement from a cooking magazine or seed catalog that I had lying around.