Logo and website for the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership


The graphic rollover menus on this site were a rewarding challenge to accomplish.

We printed and erected two huge (over 6ft. tall) banners at the site of the future GGP project during a ground breaking ceremony. Photo courtesy of PagosaDailyPost.com

This basic stationery design was provided to print items such as thank-you notes to supporters of the GGP.

When the Executive Director of SLA approached me with this project, he’d begun doodling symbols for the individual elements that would make up the mission of this group. As the symbols developed and we tried to fit them together into a cohesive design, we realized they somewhat resembled Kanji (the most ornate and formal form of Japanese writing).

Not knowing much Japanese lettering myself, we thought it best to create symbols that were identifiable as the objects—Solar, Community, Greenhouse, Permaculture and Geothermal—rather than use actual Kanji. For one thing, we thought most people would not be able to read Kanji and for another we risked choosing the wrong symbols—choosing a character with a similar but not exact meaning.

Once the organizing Committee identified themselves as the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP), it made sense to add this to the graphics in a way that resembled how a Japanese artist would stamp or sign their work.