Web Design for children’s clothing line,
Little Weedz, Clothes that Grow


Using CSS and GoDaddy's templates, we styled the shop to mimic the web design.

The final design incorporated elements from all of the proposed ideas as well as a few new ones inspired by Little Weedz's business cards.

This was the original design mockup used to create the Little Weedz website.

In 2012 we redesigned the menu to add more social media links.

In 2011 I designed the overall layout for the Little Weedz website and styled their GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart. You can see the original design concepts explored in this post about the project. This was one project where I only contributed the design solution, and someone else turned that vision into a website. A year later, the owner was ready to tweak and update her site. The only problem was that her static pages were just that, static! Each was an individual file not making it extremely easy for Little Weedz to update content.

I created an entirely new WordPress theme to integrate the pages of the old website and the blog. Now, Little Weedz can update her pages as easily as creating a new blog post. While we were at it, we updated and finessed her menu to include more social media links.