Web Design for artist & musician Mark Dudrow

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´╗┐Mark's Calendar makes it easy to let people know when, where and with whom he's playing. This same plug-in supports the thumbnail sized calendar on his homepage, while a photo of one of his blank tiles makes a great backdrop.

We used the NextGEN plug-in to manage all of the galleries of Mark's artwork and performances.

My husband and I have been friends with Mark for at least half of our life out West. Brought together by the Four Corners Folk Fest, I talk more about our friendship in my post Friendship, Art and Music.

For Mark’s website we included a Calendar of Events where he can update the gigs he’s playing. One of the things I love about WordPress is the open-source community. If you run into a bug or problem you can often google it and find the answer to fix it. That’s what I did when the event times in the calendar wouldn’t stay blank and I wanted to style the calendar widget on his homepage.

I’m still looking for a fix for his audio player as after one song finishes and you click on the next, the first one begins playing again. You can pause the first track, but it is annoying. This is also the risk with open-source. Once someone doesn’t support their plug-ins anymore, they may not work as well as they should as WordPress continues to evolve.

One plug-in I can highly recommend is the NextGEN gallery. We use it a lot throughout Mark’s website to showcase his artwork, musical performances and studio. This plug-in makes it easy to organize, edit and caption your photos.

Mark allowed me a lot of creative freedom to design the site and layout. In the end, it was naturally driven by his artwork.