Logo, printed materials, website and more for the SLA


These folders were designed so landowners could keep all of their important, customized information about conservation easements in one place.

I put this hat on my flatbed scanner and it became the leather background and stitching accents for many of SLA's designs.

We printed these business cards for the Executive Director and a generic one for the Board of Directors.

This brochure, when unfolded, was legal sized. When folded, it featured a panel on the back so it could be mailed. It also featured a section where you could tear off the panel and send it in with a donation.

This stationery set was used for everything from fund-raising letters to event programs.

This informational website also featured an archive section where you could find PDFs of newsletters and reports that were published.

The Southwest Land Alliance (SLA) is a land trust located here in Pagosa Springs, Colorado whose mission is to ‘preserve and protect in perpetuity biologically, agriculturally, historically and culturally important land in our region while there remains an opportunity to do so.’ The initial project Subalpine Design was hired for in 2005 was to upgrade their grass-roots theme and logo to an identity that would appeal to more affluent landowners as well as ranching families. This included the printing of decals, letterhead and envelopes, business cards, a brochure and presentation folders.

Subalpine Design continued to work with SLA to create their annual report, promotions for events, and newsletters. In 2008 they acquired a grant to hire me full time. My primary job responsibilities included applying for State Certification and event coordinating. During my tenure we were also able to launch an informational website.