I have a new hobby (obsession) and it’s textiles. I’m not even sure how I got hooked. What motivated me? I think I was looking for a project that I could pick up or put down easily throughout the day or at odd times when you have to wait for something… and I wanted something creative that wasn’t too messy or cumbersome (like painting, or my bottle cap art, or clay…) I dunno, but I revisited it. Remember making potholders? This time it stuck. I love scarves! Why not try making my own?

riverscarfI started with crochet last winter and am now teaching myself to knit. I’m going to attempt to document here on my blog what projects I’ve done, including links to the original patterns and notes on what I may have changed or learned. Here’s a list of what’s done to date. As I gather photos and info, I’ll come back to this page to update links to those published posts.


Completed Crochet Projects to date:

  • Mollie infinity scarf x 2: River and Mushroom & Wheat
  • Pebble wristers & hat
  • Camo percolator Kozy
  • alpaca hat & scarf
  • Blue Dog rose
  • Evening Tide sweater
  • lakeshore sweater
  • comfort rib socks x 2: brown and Broncos
  • team spirit (bark) hat
  • mini pansies and snowflakes
  • chunky “blackberry” lace shrug


dsc_0149 pansies barkhat

Completed Knit Projects to date:

  • turquoise neck warmer

Possible Upcoming or In the Works:

  • leaf (crochet)
  • outlander sweater (knit)
  • bamboo skirt (crochet
  • peacock scarf (crochet)
  • vest (knit)