The Art of Art

During my career, I’ve been the most successful in the area of digital graphic design, but lately, I’ve started to re-embrace more real world / physical art like my bottle cap art, drawing and crafting.


I’ve always pondered the spectrum and subjectivity of art: fine vs. folk vs. digital, etc. One of my favorite artists, George Rodrigue, mastered a wide range of those categories. I remember reading about his silkscreen work, and thinking how it must be okay to call computer art—ART, if George was. I was re-affirmed with this idea when I read an article about David Hockney using his i-devices en plein air, and as I’ve stumbled across more artists who use computer devices to create.

I have done a few illustrated meets digitized works (2005-2009):

2005_conf2 smallerflutefin dancers

My poster design for the local Habitat for Humanity Art Show was one of the better examples of that lately…


…until I had the chance to run with a fun idea for a Cruise-a-Thong poster to benefit the Friends of the Upper San Juan River.


Subalpine Design has contributed the web design and some technical support to this organization over the years, and it is one of my favorite local, summertime events.

I continue to explore the arts to fuel my creativity in a way that I think will show through and support my digital work and/or may lead me down a new path.