Utah Spring Vacation | Day 2

You can see my map of the overall route on google maps.

The next morning, Sunday, April 13th was still overcast. As we broke camp, it started to spit snow at us. On the road, we quickly passed through aspen groves, and park-like meadows.



wooden shoe

 Our goal was to take the Wooden Shoe Road to Hite. We got a little off-track and found the Wooden Shoe trailhead. Once back on the right road, we climbed to some amazing heights with canyons on either side. Then we descended down into the desert.

near indian pass on the woodenshoe wooden shoe desert in the snow

The road was fine and we were probably lucky that it was snow and not rain. There were many washes, and a flash flood or downpour would have rendered the road impassable. We were pretty self-contained so we figured if it came to that, we’d just stop and wait for it to dry out. Luckily, it didn’t come to that.

Our first glimpse of sunshine was when we pulled off onto this sandstone to stretch our legs and grab some lunch. In hindsight, we’d wished we’d camped here. You’ll see why when you see what we decided to do with the rest of the day…

Can you find the bus in this photo?
Can you find the bus in this photo?


Getting closer to Hite, we saw the first signs of people since we’d left Blanding, including: bikers, other folks in vehicles and campsites. We’d been watching the flora throughout our trip and wildflowers like pentsemonne, indian paint brush, and cacti had already been spotted.

IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0975

A quick stop into Hite to top off on gas—we don’t have a gas gauge, and yes it’s on the parts list for…soon; across the Colorado in huge gusts of wind;

hite bridge colorado river

…and another stop to take in the views.

hite overlook view looking NE
hite overlook
hite overlook
hite overlook W

hite overlook looking NE

Hite overlook looking SE

hite overlook looking S

Hite overlook looking W

Then we braved the wind around to hwy 276 towards Ticaboo, took the shortcut at Star Springs, across the moon roads of the BLM…

IMG_0982  IMG_2129 IMG_2131


…to catch up with the Burr Trail. Only to be lured by sirens to this lovely, calm spot, where we sank into the sand.

IMG_2132 IMG_2133

Once we got out, we hightailed it to Cedar Mesa campground where we spent a windy, cold night as the only residents—quickly darting out of the shelter of the bus to heat up elk spaghetti; and a final end to Day 2.