Utah Spring Vacation | Final Day 7

Our neighbors really did leave early, before the dogs woke us up, and so quietly that we didn’t realize they’d left. Originally our trip plan was to get back by Saturday so we could have Sunday to recoup. When we woke up on Friday, April 18th, the weather radio again prompted us to change our plans. Storms were expected at least by the next day. Not wanting to travel in the rain and wind, we decided to go ahead and head home via Comb Wash Road – Aneth – back to where we’d crossed into Utah at Ismay Trading Post and on to McElmo Canyon.

IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041 day7

You can see my map of the overall route on google maps.

Comb Wash Road offered the last of our spectacular views. The drive home was HOT, and we stopped to dip our feet in McElmo Creek. When we got home, the dogs we’d left behind hardly even noticed our arrival. It had been a fun and relaxing trip, and we’re already thinking about areas we missed and may explore next year.