Oops, Did it Again

So I have this bad habit of neglecting my website. If you read through my posts, you’ll see the trend. I get a bit done during the winter, but once spring arrives any extra time in front of the computer goes out the window—replaced mostly by gardening and travel.

I started writing this post last fall with a great idea to re-vamp my WordPress theme. Now it’s spring again,  the revamp is still on the list, and I’ve trashed the original concept and am going in another new direction. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s on the drawing board:

ideas ideas3ideas4ideas5

In the meantime there have been a few client projects that are definitely overdue to get mentioned. I plan to add them to the portfolio and talk more about the designs with the launch of the new theme. Until then, click on the images below to explore these websites created by Subalpine Design.

Ziggy Marley Organics

Sonrisas Foreign Language

Cindy Raleigh Fine Art