Everything Old is New Again

…kind of like Spring. My ole flower beds are starting to show the tiny sprouts of daffodils, tulips and crocus.

…and kind of like some of my projects. I wrote in 2011 about the New Year and New Projects which included work with Mark Dudrow and Little Weedz. In February of 2012 I launched new websites for both clients.

For Mark, it was an entirely new WordPress based site to give him an interface to update his calendar and content, the first phase towards an online store. Learn more about Mark Dudrow’s website design here.

For Little Weedz, no stranger to WordPress, it was bringing all of her content into WordPress to update photos and content as her business continues to grow—just like her clothing line. The basic design remained the same, but we re-planted the garden (changing the presentation of the menu to allow for more social media links). Learn more about the redesign of Little Weedz’s website here.

And speaking of redesigns, I’ve got some neat ideas for a new theme for Subalpine Design; but I haven’t even completed the to-do list I wrote last Fall (business has fortunately been busy). I was prepared for Winter, but it turned out to be a mild one. Now, a week after daylight savings time kicked in and just days from the Spring Equinox; the hopeful spirit of Spring is emerging with the promise of Summer to come.